Nope, not “gliding.” “Gilding.” Many of you know that I am an iconographer. I write icons in the Orthodox tradition (Russian and Greek). I’ll write more on the fact that it is referred to as writing rather than painting another day. Here’s an icon of St. Mark, the Evangelist. There are traditional symbols for theContinue reading “Gilding”


The peonies are spent. The fragrant blossoms morphed from pink in their earliest stages, to palest blush in full flower, to sad brown mop heads. And so I did the necessary thing. I deadheaded them, lopping off the flower heads. I’m no gardener (that’s my spouse’s gift) but I can cut off dead flower headsContinue reading “Deadheading”

Everything I Know About Church Leadership Part III

I’m back wth the final four, and it’s all about the main thing. Read on… Number 4: Sometimes simplicity, done beautifully, outstrips the ornate, done poorly. This relates to what I said earlier about creativity and tradition. On the Great British Baking Show, it sometimes seems as if there is an emphasis on complexity. That’s theContinue reading “Everything I Know About Church Leadership Part III”

Everything I Know About Church Leadership (Part I)

Everything I know about leading in the church I learned from the Great British Baking Show. No, really. For a part of this pandemic season of binge-watching things we wouldn’t normally watch, my spouse and I watched many episodes, sometimes including the technical background shows.  You may know the premise: a dozen or so amateurContinue reading “Everything I Know About Church Leadership (Part I)”

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