The peonies are spent. The fragrant blossoms morphed from pink in their earliest stages, to palest blush in full flower, to sad brown mop heads. And so I did the necessary thing. I deadheaded them, lopping off the flower heads. I’m no gardener (that’s my spouse’s gift) but I can cut off dead flower headsContinue reading “Deadheading”

Everything I Know About Church Leadership Part III

I’m back wth the final four, and it’s all about the main thing. Read on… Number 4: Sometimes simplicity, done beautifully, outstrips the ornate, done poorly. This relates to what I said earlier about creativity and tradition. On the Great British Baking Show, it sometimes seems as if there is an emphasis on complexity. That’s theContinue reading “Everything I Know About Church Leadership Part III”

Everything I Know About Church Leadership (Part I)

Everything I know about leading in the church I learned from the Great British Baking Show. No, really. For a part of this pandemic season of binge-watching things we wouldn’t normally watch, my spouse and I watched many episodes, sometimes including the technical background shows.  You may know the premise: a dozen or so amateurContinue reading “Everything I Know About Church Leadership (Part I)”

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