The Rev. Dr. Canon Mary Brennan Thorpe

So here’s the list of things I claim:

Imperfect follower of Jesus Christ

Mother to three children of my body and two children of my heart

Grandmother to six human kids and a bunch of grandpets

Wife to the brilliant Rev. Doug Thorpe, PhD, who is Executive Director of the Virginia Institute of Pastoral Counseling

Episcopal Priest

Author of a book on transitions in ordained leadership entitled “On the Emmaus Road”

Former Rector (pastor)

Former Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Virginia (essentially, the Bishop’s assistant for priests and parishes)

Current Intentional Interim Rector serving parishes in transition

Coach and consultant to clergy and congregations

Iconographer, musician, knitter, cook, writer, herder of cats

East Coast nomad, having lived up and down the whole of where Route 95 might take you

Crone…and that’s not a derogatory descriptor where I come from!

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